“Fits perfectly in your hand. Bring extra security and convenience” Bunker Ring is a unique smart ring from Korea, which can be attached to any Smartphone and Tablet devices.

The Vessyl is the world’s first smart cup, a product that can tell you exactly what you’re drinking and what its nutrient content is in “real time” via an LED screen on its side. With the help of an iPhone app, the Vessyl also aggregates data about your beverage-ingesting habits and can tell you how much you need to drink to be hydrated—or how many calories you’re drinking, or if you need more protein.

Flic is a smart, wireless button that shortcuts to your favourite smart functions that you can stick anywhere

MUO founded in Mainz-Germany, specializes in consumer electronics related tempered glass screen protectors and glass panels that incorporate the most advanced core technologies, which results in vastly superior performance and functionality.

Earin is the smallest, wireless earbuds available on the market. Two earbuds that together function as one Bluetooth headphone, no cables, no attachments just magically small delivering high quality audio.

VIE provides waterproof skin for smartphone. The slimmest protection against water, dust, dirt, sand, snow, oil and humidity. It retains full touchscreen and call functionality while encased in the waterproof skin.

DEFF, Design Evolution for the future, designs and manufactures premium cases and accessories for mobile devices.

Our Partner

The Mall Group


The Mall Group is one of Thailand's largest mall operators. Its main rival is the Central Group. The Mall's brands include "The Mall", The Emporium, SIAM Paragon Department Store( one of the biggest shopping centres in Asia), The Mall SkyPORT, The EmQuartier, The EmSphere and BLÚPORT.



Central Pattana (SET: CPN) is the retail property development and management arm of the Central Group, Central Pattana was founded on June 17, 1980 with a registered capital of 300 million baht. The company became registered as a public limited company in 1994 and was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1995. Central Pattana is currently managing 23 shopping centres, 6 office buildings, one hotel and two residential projects. It planned to expand the shopping malls to oversea. The first will be open in Malaysia, around 2016, and other plans has expand to Vietnam, China, India and Indonesia.



SPVI and Copperwired, the two main Apple authorized resellers in Thailand, have more than 50 shops in Thailand . And they are still expanding there branches.



Loft is a Japanese chain store that sells everyday commodities. There are Loft franchise stores in Japan and Thailand. Formerly a subsidiary of the Saison Group (セゾングループト Sezon Gurūpu?), it is currently the subsidiary of Sogo & Seibu.


True Corporation Plc is Thailand’s convergence lifestyle leader, offering an unrivalled selection of integrated communications services and solutions. TRUE MOVE offers innovative and high-quality mobile telecommunications services on its nationwide 1800 MHz network to 15 million subscribers throughout Thailand. There are hundreds of TRUE SHOPs, which act as service counters and gadget stores.


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